What Eye Symptoms in a Diabetic Should Cause Concern?

Diabetes affects how your body turns food into energy. It causes the pancreas to produce less insulin than the body needs. It may also cause the body to be less effective in utilizing the insulin it makes to regulate blood sugar.

High levels of blood sugar lead to other problems in your body such as in the eyes. That is why you should plan regular visits to the doctor at Norwood Family Eye Care when you have diabetes. Regular checkups will ensure that you catch any problems early. That way, you can avoid complications arising from the disease.


Diabetes and the Eyes

The eyes are a window into the general health of your body, especially if you have diabetes. The disease affects your blood vessels, and your eye doctor can catch this during an eye exam. There are symptoms present in the eyes that should cause concern. They include:


Blurry Vision

When you have diabetes, you may experience blurry vision. Do not rush to buy new glasses. It could be a problem of high blood sugar. To prevent any more complications, you will need to correct them. Get your blood sugar back to the target range. It may take as long as three months, but follow your doctor’s instructions.

It could also signify the onset of cataracts, glaucoma, or other eye conditions. To be sure, you need to go for an eye exam. It could prevent you from losing your sight.


Dark Areas or Floaters

You may notice dark areas in your line of vision or floating spots resulting from leaking blood vessels. These vessels bleed into the vitreous humor. Sometimes, they fill the vitreous cavity with blood and block your vision. Once you notice these dark areas or floaters, seek medical help immediately.


Poor Color Vision

When your natural internal lens becomes dirty and cloudy, it signifies the onset of cataracts. Cataracts affect your vision by fading some hues. It slowly causes a yellowish or brownish tinge that causes discoloration.

Over time, you will notice that it becomes harder to distinguish between purples and blues. If you experience poor color vision, visit an eye doctor for an eye exam. They will help you slow down the development of the condition.


Flashes of Light

These flashes are symptoms signifying vitreous separation. The new and abnormal blood vessels stimulate the growth of scar tissue. It pulls on the retina, separating it from the back of the eye; it causes the illusion of light due to the movement. Seek medical help immediately as retinal detachment can lead to severe vision loss.


Pressure in the Eye

Pressure builds up in the eye when fluid does not drain from it. The pressure can cause damage to blood vessels and the optical nerve. It also causes vision changes. When you feel eye pressure, book an appointment with your doctor. They will give you medication or advise on other ways to deal with it. Otherwise, you could end up losing your vision.

For more information on eye symptoms that should cause concern, visit Norwood Family Eye Care at our office in Bartlett, Tennessee. You can call (901) 617-8095 today to schedule an appointment.

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