A Comprehensive Guide to Dry Eye

A Comprehensive Guide to Dry Eye

Almost 340 million people suffer from severe, moderate, or episodic dry eye syndrome worldwide. Some contributors to dry eyes are longer life expectancies, extended careers, and increased visual demands like cell phones, tablets, and computers.

Lately, there have been improved diagnostic and treatment technologies with enhanced effectiveness.

The most common Contributors to Dry Eye

1. Post-menopausal women

2. Sjogren’s Syndrome

3. Blepharitis/MGD

4. Men over 65 years of age

5. Contact lens wearers

6. People with chronic ocular allergies

7. Side effects from systemic drugs

8. Those undergoing Lasik

9. Those with previous Lasik

10. Those with other dry eye issues in the general population

What is dry eye?

Before we move on to the treatment, let’s first discuss what the condition is. Dry eye is a multi-factorial disease. There is a common notion that we produce tears only when we cry. But the truth is, a layer of tears, called tear film, spreads over our eyes when we blink.

You may have dry eyes when you have decreased tear production. It may also occur when your tears evaporate too quickly. These may be due to various factors, such as aging, allergies, certain medications, and even the environment.

You can have dry eyes due to:

- ​​​​​​​Not enough water

- Not enough oil

- Inflammation

- Allergy

- Bacteria

- Lid function

- Systemic contributions

​​​​​​​ - Environment

When you have dry eyes, you may experience redness, stinging or burning sensations, eye fatigue or blurry vision. The good news is that there are many ways to treat dry eyes.

Effective Treatment for Dry Eyes

Treatment for dry eyes usually depends on its cause. For instance, if certain medications cause it, the doctor may recommend changing the medication.

To treat dry eyes, you need to take care of your natural tears. Some measures include drinking enough water, avoiding the air conditioner, using a humidifier, and limiting screen time.

You may also discuss artificial tears with your doctor.

  • Lubricating eye drops, for instance, can provide temporary relief by supplementing the natural tear film.
  • High-viscosity artificial tears can provide longer-lasting lubrication. However, they may cause blurring of vision. Hence, doctors often recommend their use at night.

Of course, the doctor may also recommend medications. For example, if inflammation prevents your tear ducts from producing tears, they may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or allergy drops. There are also tear-stimulating medications that help increase tear production.

The doctor may also recommend specialized contact lenses for people with dry eyes. These contacts protect the surface of the eyes and help trap moisture.

The doctor may also suggest some procedures to help treat your dry eyes. One example is Tear Care, a revolutionary treatment that applies gentle heat to the eyelids, helping to clear blocked oil glands and improve the quality of the tear film.

Another example is punctal plugs. These silicone or collagen plugs are placed into the tear ducts to block drainage, keeping the tears on the eye's surface for a longer duration.

Get Treatment for Your Dry Eyes Today

Do you have dry eyes? If so, remember that you can get it treated. To know more about the treatment that best suits your needs, consult only the experts. You can visit Norwood Family Eye Care at our office in Bartlett, Tennessee. You may also call 901-617-8095 to book a free dry eye screening appointment today

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