Signs Your Child Has Myopia

Recent studies show that more children have been getting eyewear for myopia (nearsightedness). The condition occurs in almost half of the school-aged kids. 

Experts recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye exam for your little one to monitor signs of myopia. Also, watch for signs of nearsightedness, like squinting at a distance or holding things close. Your child will often not tell you they need their eyes examined. They are mostly unaware they have vision problems. So, here are some signs your child has myopia.


Rubbing Their Eyes


Rubbing the eyes is a prevalent sign of eye fatigue or strain. It is unclear to experts why kids react this way. It may be that it helps with tear production. It may temporarily relieve dry, itchy eyes and bring back your toddler’s clear vision. Regardless, discouraging your child from rubbing their eyes is imperative. The habit can transfer viruses and bacteria to your child’s eyes.




Squinting when looking at distant objects could indicate myopia. By creating a “pin-hole effect,” squinting briefly clears up their vision. It obstructs some of the dispersed light reaching your child’s eyes. As a result, they can see the distant object clearly momentarily.


Sitting Close to the Television


Nearsightedness results in blurriness at a distance. If your bundle of joy has mild nearsightedness, they will likely experience blurry vision when looking across the room or watching TV.

You will notice them sitting closer and closer to the TV to compensate for this. If you notice your child likes to sit 3 feet from the television, ask them if they do so because they can see clearly sitting farther away.


Being Unaware of Distant Things


You may observe that your kid seems unaware of people or objects that are far. They could be myopic and cannot see clearly at a distance. Consequently, they stop trying to look at objects or people beyond their clear viewing range.

Try asking your child about what is happening at a distance at a sporting event or playground. Can they see the kid kicking the ball across the park? Can they read the aisle marker at the grocery store?


Complaining About Strained or Tired Eyes


Uncorrected myopia can result in eye discomfort. If your child tells you that they feel pressure around the eyes or their eyes hurt, they may have eye strain. Your little one may complain of the following symptoms if they have uncorrected myopia:

  • Tiredness

  • Eye soreness

  • Trouble focusing

  • Double or blurry vision

  • Burning, dry, irritated eyes

Some kids express their discomfort better than others. Listen to what your little one complains about and note when they happen. You may notice them making the same complaint after engaging in a far-distance activity.




Just as you watch your child for signs of an ear infection or runny nose, observing their vision is equally important. Scheduling an appointment with an experienced pediatric optometrist is the most effective way to know if they have myopia.

To examen your child for myopia, visit Norwood Family Eye Care at our Bartlett, Tennessee office. Call 901-617-8095 to schedule an appointment today.

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